Rename a channel in Slack

⚠️ Depending on workspace settings, all users may not have permission to rename certain channels.

How to change the name of a Slack channel

  • Go to the channel you would like to change the name of.

  • Click the ℹ️ in the top right corner.
    Slack information button to expand menu

  • A menu will be displayed, choose More from the options at the top.

    Slack side menu more options

  • Choose Rename channel.
    Slack side menu more options

  • Enter a new name for the channel in the text box.

    Names must be lowercase, without spaces or periods, and can’t be longer than 80 characters.

    Slack side menu additional options

  • Click Rename channel.

You’re all set, the channel is now renamed! 🎉

Check out this post from Slack for more on renaming channels.