What we do

We use Slack as a surface to solve problems for teams.

Our philosophy is a simple one: reduce the amount of clicks, logins, searching, and repetition it takes to do your job by bringing your job to Slack.

The migration from email to chat was sparked by the need for more fluid communication but has brought with it a new means for working efficiently.

Through intuitive user interfaces and rich functionality centered around Slack’s app home we’re helping to redefine what Slack means as a user interface.

Our apps leverage Slack to solve problems for:

  • Companies that are starting to scale or dealing with growing pains
  • Large companies seeking efficiency and frictionless adoption of solutions
  • Newly minted managers and those in need organizational help
  • High-performing teams that are spread too thin

Our apps are offer the most native feeling experience of any listed in the directory. New features and integrations are rolled out through regular feature releases.

We take privacy and security seriously, especially when it comes to your data. We use the most granular scopes and permissions possible, limiting the access of our apps to only what is critical for functionality. Similarly, we never retain any data that is not critical to the function of our apps.

All our apps are built on serverless technologies, which are highly available and scale on demand. This allows us to offer reliable services that are simple to operate and extend, meaning we spend less effort on managing infrastructure and more on meeting the needs of our customers.

We are always willing to discuss custom apps and integrations. These can be managed products or contract solutions and can be hosted by us or within your own VPC. If you’re interested, drop us a line.