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Would you like to archive this channel?

Do you organize your Slack channels with “temp_” prefixes so you’ll remember to archive them, and then just forget anyway? Maybe you have multiple channels floating around with similar names, but only one is actually active? @Channitor is an indispensable part of the admin toolkit: it’s a simple bot that curates your public Slack channels, keeping things neat and tidy.

@Channitor can be added to specific channels or to all public channels in your workspace. You can set a default expiration threshold or manage it specifically on a channel-by-channel basis. After the preferred number of days has passed, @Channitor will post a snoozable message offering to archive the channel. When a new channel is created, @Channitor will offer to keep an eye on the channel so you don’t have to.

Stop worrying about archiving temporary channels

Suggest best practices across your workspace

Bring order to the chaos for new hires and large teams

@Channitor is free to use and requires minimal access to your Slack workspace.

Your data is kept private using granular scopes – @Channitor only joins the channels that you intend, and it never retains any message or user data.

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