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Reward coworkers with the props
they deserve

@Proper tracks and aggregates the emoji reactions that say “thank you” or give “kudos” to helpful team members. Using this data, @Proper fosters a collaborative environment by recognizing team members who answer questions and solve problems.

By granting visibility the heroic efforts of team members who already contribute consistently, @Proper motivates others to do the same. @Proper conforms to the emoji your team already uses to say “thank you” – users receiving help simply react with the this emoji to reward the helper with props.

Don’t like the @Proper emoji? You can select a new emoji or your team can vote on the best option for showing gratitude.

Give credit where credit is due

Foster collaboration without changing practices

Maintain cross-functional communication as you scale

@Proper is free to use and requires minimal access to your Slack workspace.

Your data is kept private using granular scopes – @Proper only joins the channels that you intend, and the app cannot read messages even after it has joined a channel. Admins have control over channel joining behavior by default.

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