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Bringing the best parts of email to Slack
BCC, scheduled delivery, drafts, & recipient groups

@Nightowl brings the best parts of email to Slack, allowing you to send a message to any number of users, groups, public channels and/or private channels. Messages can be scheduled for delivery once, or on a recurring basis. You can save draft messages, create custom recipient groups, and cancel/edit messages that are scheduled for delivery.

Messages appear to others as they normally would when you send them yourself, and like BCC in email, the recipients will not be aware that the message was sent to anyone else.

bringing everything you love about email to slack

drafts, message scheduling, and recipient groups

sent messages come from your user

Use the overflow menu next to scheduled and recurring messages, drafts, and recipient groups to:

@Nightowl is free to use at low volumes and requires minimal access to your Slack workspace. Your data is kept private using granular scopes – @Nightowl has no reason to join channels and cannot read messages anywhere in Slack.

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