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Customizable request forms for Asana tasks that stay in sync with Slack

It’s probably getting hard to search Slack for all of the inbound requests you and your team are getting. That’s where @Vinyasa comes in. With infinitely customizable request forms, @Vinyasa gives every team in your workspace the tools to build sustainable workflows that fit their specific needs.

@Vinyasa connects Slack channels to Asana projects seamlessly, setting up every team’s request integration for frictionless adoption by its future users. Stakeholders provide requirements to your specifications, allowing you to focus on prioritization and execution.

Like a virtual PM, @Vinyasa takes the work out of managing a high volume requests by:

  • Communicating due dates and assignees back to the requester
  • Bringing thread replies into Asana as comments on each task

Connect Asana and Slack seamlessly

Triage and track as a team

Infinitely customizable request forms

Whether or not you already use Asana, you’ve probably thought about the potential of a task management system that:

  • Standardizes each request your team receives to your exact specifications
  • Instills best practices in requesters, building clear cross-functional workflows
  • Removes your team from the equation until it is time to triage at standup
  • Gives you end to end visibility from defining requirements to furnishing deliverables
  • Tames the chaos of Slack, bringing order to your world

@Vinyasa arms teams with the tools they need to meet these challenges and focus on the work they came to do. It is customizable enough to meet the needs of any team, and new features are released regularly.

@Vinyasa is free to use at low volumes and requires minimal access to your Slack workspace. Your data is kept private using granular scopes – @Vinyasa only joins the channels that you intend and no data from your team’s conversations is ever retained, the app simply transmits it between Slack and Asana.

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