Add to Slack

To activate @Channitor just type the slash command below into Slack:


Keep channels tidy

@Channitor is a helpful bot that reminds users to archive unused public channels.  It can be configured in two ways: using all channels or selected channels. The all channels route adds all existing public channels. The selected channels route adds only channels selected during setup. New channels and unarchived channels will offer an option to invite @Channitor no matter which route you choose.

You can always remove your @Channitor configuration and start from scratch from the app home channel. The default number of days since the last message that @Channitor will wait before an archive prompt (the expiration threshold) is customizable from 5-180 days. Running /channitor from any public channel allows you to configure Channitor specifically for that channel and to set a custom expiration threshold. After two unanswered expiration prompts to @here, the message will be addressed to @channel


Here’s how it works:

  • After installing, simply run /channitor or navigate to @Channitor (the app home channel) to get started.

  • After setup, simply run /channitor from any public channel to edit that channel’s configuration.